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Gay Sauna the Board Game

Gay Sauna the Board Game

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Enter the daring world of the Gay Sauna in this brand new tabletop adventure game!

You take the role of a horny visitor to the local gay sauna in a hookup contest to see who can score the most before closing time.

Order your copy of the game now and join over 800 backers who made this project possible.

Wanna Play?

Players pose as horny friends visiting their local Gay Sauna, navigating the cruising areas, locking in on their sexual targets and securing the deal before another player screws their interest and screws up their game.

After arming themselves with a useful sauna-related item and appropriately measuring their horniness levels, they're set to begin their adventures.

Flirting in Gay Sauna the Board Game uses an icon matching mechanic to make it easy for players to find their perfect match whilst adhering to the strict Gay Sauna consent policy that's there to ensure everyone has a good time.

Gay Sauna the Board Game has a deck of 18 cruising areas, each with their own unique flavour. Games are played with 5-10 of these rooms depending on the player count. Of course it's always possible to play with all the rooms if you just want more Gay Sauna action!

Players need to decide how to spend their time in each cruising area. There's of course the direct approach of flirting with the gorgeous visitors on offer, but players may also need to take a break to recharge their horniness or stock up on mischievous tricks they can use to give themselves an edge or knock a fellow player down a notch.

Wanna Game?

Gay Sauna the Board Game includes:

  • 1 x Illustrated box
  • 1 x 4-fold game board
  • 1 x Rules booklet
  • 1 x Sauna terminology guidebook
  • 6 x player boards and horniness tokens
  • 6 x sets of colored bar tokens
  • 2 x custom flirting and sex dice
  • 120 x visitor cards (with 24 unique illustrations)
  • 60 x event cards
  • 57 x mischief cards
  • 18 x item tokens
  • 18 x cruising area cards
  • 12 x player reference cards
  • 1 x bar area reference card
  • 2 x card lockers & external storage box
  • Full set of type, role & kink tokens to create your own custom character

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